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hey what's up hello


On the Case
yes, i basically took the first google image for "hooded figure" and redrew it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

when Jo saw the hooded peeps disappearing after the lake froze over, her spidey sense began to tingle!!! 
jo: last seen hurtling down the highway blasting single ladies 

i'll calculate the cash later bc i don't think this is the finished product :))
brown tinker bell

I’ve had this idea almost since this group was opened but have been TOO LAZY to do anything after I drew Rajah,,,why am i like this


I PROMISE the disappearing jo epidemic is over, lmfao!!! i just had to fix her hair this time <333 thanks for bearing with me thru the technical difficulties!


Name: Josephine (Jo) Ali

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Half fairy

Class: Hero

Job: Student (Senior), self-employed detective on the case of the indieville cult activity

Favorite food: Chicken 65 !!!


Shrewd / Stubborn / Competitive / Passive-aggressive / Motivated 

Shrewd: Jo may be lacking in the physical strength department, but her brain makes up for it! She’s just generally a smart person, with turn of phrase and banter so fire emoji you’ll have to drop it like it’s hot. She’s quick to think and sometimes too quick to act, as her brain moves faster than her mouth. She’s sharper than her eyebrows, man.

Stubborn: This one’s a gimme. Fairies have hot tempers, it’s evolutionary so they can scare off their predators by screaming at the top of their lungs and throwing a gigantic hissy fit. Y’all know how red tinker bell’s face gets when she’s pissed? That’s what Jo looks like. She’s not one to give in easily to anything she isn’t prepared to do, and she doesn’t like when others get to decide things for her.

Competitive: Jo doesn’t consider herself to be too competitive, only to a healthy extent, but you should see her run when it’s taco day at school. She’ll make anything and everything a competition—but never out loud. She got a better test score than you? One point on Jo’s internal scoreboard. Did she beat your team in P.E. badminton? Fuck yeah, beat that. She went the longest amount of hours without sleeping in a row? Dedicated AF.

Passive-aggressive: No lie, the only reason she’s developed so much sass is because she needed enough to rival Charlotte’s banter. 

Motivated: She’s the living embodiment of the student athlete meme, only encompassing everything but sports. Uh oh, she has a test tomorrow? Gotta grind forever, she never stops, never take breaks, insert Quran verse, a couple of 100 emojis, and voila. 


Jo was born in the middle of the hottest summer on record in Florida, and you know what the midsummer heat does to unsatisfied young adults, wink wonk. Her parents, who weren’t quite so loyal to each other and totally knew it, were both in the middle of two separate extramarital excursions, both of which were found out only two years after Jo was born. They had already agreed to avoid divorce for her sake, but there was a certain fairy council that was not having that shit.

Jo’s mother was full fairy, and her father a human, so Jo was born half fairy and thus lived under the rules of the elder council, like her mother had before her. And the greatest, most sacred of all council rules was fidelity to one’s significant other—fairies are supposed to be pure beings, after all. So, of course, when they found out about the cheating, it simply would not do to have a family live without the repercussions. 

In order to punish both parents, they decided to dole out their consequence to the young child in their care. Young, sweet little Jo, who was beloved by all on the council, was to be subjected to eternal damnation. Obviously, I mean, what else could they have done? A curse was placed on Jo when she was only two and a half—and a rather hefty one at that. Unless she found her true love before she turned 21 years old, she would be eternally forbidden from touching any person whom she loved. No hugs and kisses, no true love’s high five, and not even a tap on the shoulder. Her parents were devastated—they had to watch as their hands phased right through their daughter’s body as they reached out to console her.

Jo switched schools often after that, forcing herself to be as sociable as possible to meet every possible soulmate she could before she gave up and moved on to the next one. She ended up in Indieville, where her parents hope that the larger number of cryptids may increase her chances of finding The One. Until that day, however, don’t be surprised if she refuses a high five.


    Phone: With a no nonsense case for a no nonsense girl. Plus, Charlotte likes cute cases therefore Jo's forbidden from having any case other than drop-proof speck cases. Her phone's a basic necessity for her, her favorite apps being snapchat (for terrible selfies sent only to the people she knows won't screenshot that excludes charlotte), vsco (for editing the ~mysterious~ clues she finds after cult activity, and Netflix. She can't survive without it.
    Bracelet: This isn't some meaningful bracelet that truly strikes a chord with Jo, she just bought it cheap from a vendor in Barcelona, Spain, and it goes with every outfit. It's just a band of braided leather with the word "Barcelona" burned into it, but she wears it almost every day. 

    Water bottle: Staying Hydrated™ is her priority, and this sticker-covered (from all of her adventures across the world, of course) metal bottle certainly does the trick. Jo doesn't just use it for water, though. She accidentally whacked someone over the head with it once and they were out cold for two hours, so she figured it'd be handy to tote along on her investigations. This is Jo's weapon.

    Pixie dust: She keeps it in a little drawstring pouch in her backpack just in case she needs it. It's really only for when Jo is actually in her fairy form, but sometimes just for kicks and giggles she drifts around Indieville High a few inches off the ground. Though it's supposed to help Jo fly, she finds that if she gets low on dust she starts to tire out real quick.

Stats: 15 + hero bonus = 18




INTUITION: ★★★★★★★★

LUCK: ★★


RP Method: Skype and / or notes

Shipping?: of course!! i want to get to know ur character obviously and make sure the chemistry works but shipping is a go


  • She hates Charlotte Saint. Well, ok, hate is a strong word. She just dislikes Charlotte Saint. Not even dislike, tbh, more like friends that sometimes try to punch each other in the face. Friendly foes. Righteous rivals. Nice nemeses. 
  • Her fairy form is literally just,,,,a small angry Jo. Tinker bell size and full of rage.
  • She can do small types of magic whether she's in her fairy form or not. She can unlock doors, revive dead flowers, and bugs love her. She does not love bugs back.
  • Her hair is actually wavy, but she braids it when it's wet and it comes out curly. (don't tell anyone it's a secret).
  • Her eye bags are actually really bad, she just knows how to apply concealer really well. 
  • She is actually very conscientious about how she can be a sassy little bitch sometimes and is trying to correct herself!! support this child, donate one dollar today.
aka smol hawaiian boy takes on the world

for :iconindieville:
I can't believe i've done this


■ Name: Rajah Ka’uhane

■ Age: 16

■ Gender: Male

■ Class: Berserker. He’s pretty street smart, knows his way around the police and can get in and out of a situation real quick, but his real skill is just being completely, ridiculously, over-the-top lucky. He doesn’t understand why he’s not dead by now, but he’s rolling with it.

■ Favorite food: Pineapple. Must be his Hawaiian roots.


Loyal / Courteous / Persuasive / Reckless / Prideful / Short-tempered

Loyal: Growing up with his mother on Hawaii, Rajah was taught that his ‘Ohana, or family ties, were to his island and his people. Rajah’s father broke his ‘Ohana with belts and bruises, but he learned to rebuild it over time. This time with only the people he trusted, and the people that he chose to call his family, whether they were tied by blood or not. 

Courteous: Rajah exemplifies the value of Ho’ohanohano, as he values respectability and the dignity of others. Sure, he’ll hold doors for the ladies and shake hands with everyone he meets, but his courtesy goes far deeper than that. 

Persuasive: Plainly stated, Rajah could sell the ocean a cup of water. He’s got puppy dog eyes for days so u better watch out, wink wonk. For real. He’ll sneak up on you with a broken flip phone and you’ll find yourself handing over two hundred bucks for it before you can say son of a motorola. 

Reckless: Was that Rajah jumping off a cliff with a broken parachute? Probably. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine, just call 911 in advance for him and he’ll thank you later. 

Prideful: Rajah conducts himself with distinction and leads with initiative. His value for his ancestry sometimes goes a bit too far, however. Cue the incident when he got thrown in jail overnight for participating in a one-man march on Washington. He doesn’t take help from just anyone unless he really needs it, and when he does it goes down with a grain of salt.

Short-tempered: Rajah seems like a really calm dude, because he goes from 0 to 99 in two seconds flat, but you can’t tell until you tick him  up juuuuust enough to get him to 100. Moral of the story is try not to make him mad.


Rajah was born in Lihue, on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i as an only child, and his parents were eager to bring his little brother into the world as soon as they could. For two years he lived a relatively happy life, though his parents argued often, they continued to make up for his sake. When his mother announced her second pregnancy, it was as if every trouble in his family had disappeared. It wasn’t until his mother had a miscarriage that things began to fall apart too quickly for Rajah to right. It started with petty arguments over who had finished the bread and escalated to shouting matches in the kitchen, Rajah crouched behind the couch as he heard his mother scream as she clutched the red mark on her cheek.

The neighbors worried. They called domestic services. They inspected the house. They found the welts on Rajah’s neck and on his mother’s body. They took him away.

It was four years until he was returned to his mother’s custody, his father locked away in some prison in the states. He and his mother pressed on for another five years, during which she was laid off from work twice and began to spend most of her money on alcohol on  prescription drugs. Rajah took a job and started to save his money in a shoebox under his bed, where his mother couldn’t find it. She was sleeping over half the day now, half dead under the influence of the hard liquor Rajah bought with a fake ID. 

Plane tickets to L.A. were $70 economy. From there to Indieville was $65. He boarded last and watched his mother, his island, his life fade into the background.

Aloha means goodbye sometimes.

■ Items

Flashlight: Listen up, ladies and gentlemen, this flashlight is one of a kind. With only one LED light and half battery power, this flashlight can light up a room in a jiffy (after you hit it against a desk a few times to get it to turn on). With Rajah’s part time gig as a dumpster diver, it’s kind of a must have.

Apollo’s sneakers: Not really Apollo’s sneakers, considering that Apollo neither exists nor did he wear shoes (he was a god, gods don’t need mortal shoes). Their previous owner hot glued wings to them, and now they look like a cross between supernatural and a pigeon. It’s whatever, they’re the only shoes he has.
Leaf blower:
This one’s a little misleading. It may look like a leaf blower, but Rajah accidentally stuck a bic lighter inside of it and now it spits fire. Handy for starting fires and warding off cult members. This is Rajah’s weapon.

■ Stats: 15 + berserker bonus = 20

    INTUITION: ★★★★★
    LUCK: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★


■ RP Method: Skype and / or notes

■ Shipping?: he’s kind of young, so idk about shipping. platonic shipping? heck ye bro. but he’s sixteen. he still likes nintendo and bakugan, y’all, he aint thinking about love and romance and heck, girls still have cooties, ya nasty.

I done diddly got tagged by the goddess :iconemiyey: !!!


1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to tag 13 people.
6. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
8. You can't say you don't do tags.

13 Things About Madi:

1. I was born in the ghetto! The literal ghetto. New Orleans. We like to strip in the streets and sing songs while drunk on the Happiness of Mardi GrasTM. Everything's great as long as you don't walk outside or down any creepy alleys at night! Or during the day. Just don't walk outside or down any creepy alleys, ok.

2. I'm a swimmer!! Hohohohohohhoo did someone say Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ok that's fine i'm fine. 

3. I want to be a brain surgeon/neuroscietist/geneticist/marine biologist/heart surgeon/anasthesiologist/medicine ho! science is so cool??? just let me go to Harvard Med and learn how to cut people open and fix ppl please and thank you I'm actively looking for a sugar daddy to pay for my college education. Or just anyone willing to dish out money for me to learn results may vary see dealer for details

4. I'm Pakistani. Our eyebrows are POPPIN plus we get to wear gorgeous native clothing and our weddings are the most elaborate and ridiculously amazing y'all are just jelly. plus there's a lot of discrimination happening in the US at the moment but that's ok!! we'll get through this I believe in us (lmao us...the US. get it. lmao puns).

5. I can sing and also act!! It's kinda a side thing but I've been singing since I was out of the womb and I go to an acting group after school. Everyone tells me that it seems so out of place, 'specially cause i'm all up in them academics but then my side ho is the stage.

6. (not copying maia....nope) I LOVE DOGS MY DUDES but i've only had two dogs ever in my life, a big ole goden retreiver named Buddy who I had for seven years, but we had to keep him outside bc he was too big and a major key shedder so we ended up giving him to a family that could care for him more.

BUT now I have a goldendoodle named Chai and he doesn't shed!! so we keep him inside and he's a service dog and I lov him to bits, I just rly love dogs, I hope you guys love dogs too they're so wonderful. protect doggos at all costs amen

7. I recently got a perfect ACT score what is GOOD. yeet I got a 36 let the scholarships arrive

8. My music taste is ridiculously varied. One day i'll be listening to the major hits on the radio, ariana grande, ed sheeran, the weeknd.........but then the next day I've got g eazy on and i'm walking around the house cursing like a sailor, then I'll hear beauty and the beast come up on shuffle and cut scene to me suddenly wearing a golden dress spinning in circles holding a vase. I just?? I listen to everything. e v e r y t h i n g.

9. I wanted to be an aerospace engineer when I was four years old. I found a national geographic magazine, and even though I couldn't read all the big words I was so fascinated with this one article about the laniakea supercluster and aaaahhh!! I asked my dad about it like dad what this pretty star thing and he was like oh that's space and i made that face like the white dude in that new meme.

so then I went to my mom and was like mom i want to be a aerospeece engeeneer and that is the story of the five minutes my mom thought i was a genius baby

10. I've read Harry Potter seven times. I just. Enough said. I really really love harry potter and please please please note me about headcanons and stuff because I will totally just geek out with you over those books. God the fracking bless.

11. I really like makeup!! I just love to use my face as a canvas for art - have you seen some of the eyeshadow looks that people are making??? AMAZING HOLY HECK!!! Makeup can be as subtle or as slapintheface as you want it to be - it can be colorful af or it can be nude and accentuate your best features and I just. really love makeup it is so fun.

12. I'm a pianist! yay, asian family culture!!

13. I literally only ever drink green tea. omg. I love green tea. I pour ten gallons of honey and like two drops of actual green tea in my tea but i mean it's the thought that counts right? 

Questions from Maia :iconemiyey:

1. Name and Explain your favorite oc of your own creation!
honestly, I love all of my ocs, they're all my precious children, but my absolute favorite would have to be [ CB ] Ethos Captain // Roman ...i made him for a group i ended up ending lmao i'm so indecisive. but he's SUCH a dad and I'm generally bad at drawing males, so I was so glad he came out well and love his personality and his super mega Dadness tm.

2. Name and Explain your favorite oc not of your own creation! (A friends, etc)
ok i don't have many dA friends.....but a friend who ended her account had an oc named Anton for a harry potter spinoff group who was an absolute sweetheart!! i screm. he was a smol blonde bean who had the perfect amount of snark what an icon.

3. Who was your role model as a child? (IRL or Fictional) Why?
Beyonce. do i rly need to explain why.

4. Link your 3 favorite songs at the moment, and give a brief explanation as to why you love those three songs so much.…

Good to Be Alive - Andy Grammer. Ok. So i just found this song, but it honestly makes me realize that i'm living such a good life, and i shouldn't take anything for granted!! just gotta love life and live love and just allow everything to happy as the cookie crumbles!…

How Far I'll Go - Auli'i Cravalho. First of all, I look like Moana, I act like Moana, my voice literally sounds like Moana's. Let's just assume for the moment that I am Moana. auli'i is TEN BAJILLION times as gorgeous though omg i love that girl but this song really exemplifies what I feel all the time!! I want to go as far as I can in the world and do my best but also while pleasing my parents, so i really connect with moana.…

Immigrants - Lin Manuel Miranda. I'm an immigrant. I get the job done.

5. Who would play as you in a feature movie/film?

I honestly can't say that I know?? I don't really pay attention to actresses and stuff, and I don't want to say Auli'i Cravalho bc i've already fawned over her. 

6. What was your favorite tv show as a child? Why?

Dora the Explorer. I just really wanted to know where the mountain was, you know? I needed to know. 

7. If you were a superhero, what would your superhero power be? Why?

Either superintelligence or invisibility. I really pride myself on being able to figure things out quickly and stuff, so being super smart would be so cool!! plus invisibility is lit, I could sneak around like a ninja and jump scare people like the scenes in the conjuring!!

8. Got any pets? If not, what's your dream pet?

I have a goldendoodle and his name is chai!! He's a very good pupper!!

9. If you had the chance to change your first name, would you change it? To what? If not, why wouldn't you want to change it?

My name is kinda hard for white people to say (lmao sorrynotsorry) so I'd probably change it to something easier!! (though i love my culture's names so I'd stick with that!!) Maybe something like Diya, Laila, or Lina.

10. When you were younger, what did you want to grow up to be? 

so many things, omg. aerospace engineer, marine biologist, vet, the list goes on. 

11. List 4 reasons why you'd make a great friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner

    1. I love to just sit around and laugh about dumb puns and jokes, and I always have silly inside jokes with everyone!
    2. I'm just as happy to sit in and watch a movie while eating a pizza than to go out somewhere fancy or something!! it's all about the time you spend with good people!!
    3. I want you to geek out with me!! like video games? explain the story, let's GO. obsessed with a certain beauty blogger? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!! If you really like the logistics of football, I may not understand all that you're saying, but I'll listen.
    4. I will pump you up. Pump you the FRICK up. So pumped. 

12. List 4 reasons why you'd be an awful friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner

    1. I'm a lil lazy and a major key procrastinator. get me off my butt please.
    2. I try very hard to be nice, but sometimes i will hit you with a roast or throw salt in a wound and it'll rly sting. if so please tell me. or just try turning me off and on again, then call the manufacturer if it doesn't work. 
    3. I get stressed real easily!! be careful not to ask too much of me on the once in a blue moon day that i'm crazy overloaded. i will freak out on you and probably have to go scream into the void. That Anxiety LyfeTM.
    4. I talk quite a bit. Only with people i'm really comfortable with, but still. make sure your ears are tightly attached to your head, because I will talk them off.

13. What's your favorite number? Why?

I don't really know, tbh. I always say 7 because it's the harry potter number, but i really don't have one!!

My 13 questions!

1. What's your ethnicity or nationality?
2. What's your favorite color, and why?
3. What's your favorite type of pizza? What toppings, what crust, etc.
4. What scares you most and why?
5. What type of food makes you the most happy?
6. DOGS OR CATS?????
7. What is something that you would never, ever do, even if you were paid money to do it?
8. Favorite book, and why?
9. Do you like chocolate?
10. What do you want to become / what career would you love to have?
11. Who are your top favorite vocalists / bands?
12. Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why? Or just tell me your dream vacation!!
13. Favorite type of social media?

MY 13 TAGGED! (lol i don't have 13 dA friends so five tagged)








ok guys!! thanks for watching tune in next week for more memes and adventures!!


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